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You need not look beyond Tyre King! We are a reliable tyre retailer in Burton on Trent, offering high-quality vehicle tyres across multiple categories and sizes. These models are from some of the most notable international brands. All the tyres in our inventory have EU labels and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure you get superior performance.

Here’s more about our collection.

Buy tyres in Burton on Trent online!

Do you know you can now place an order for tyres right through our website? Here is what you need to do. Locate the tyre selection tool on our homepage and enter the vehicle registration number. Now, check the online catalogue and choose your preferred model.

If you do not prefer the online purchase mode, you can come down to our facility. Our tyre experts will suggest the best-selling models based on driving requirements and budget.

We retail car tyres in Burton on Trent at fully-fitted prices.

Major brands in our collection

You can find premium, mid-range as well as budget tyres from the following renowned brands:

  • Continental
  • Bridgestone
  • Firestone
  • Goodyear
  • Dunlop
  • Pirelli and many more

Top tyre categories you’ll find with us!

Our facility focuses on providing 100% customer satisfaction. To efficiently cater to the tyre requirements of our clients, we stock best-selling models across multiple categories at reasonable rates. These are some of the most sought-after tyre variants in our stock:

Winter tyres

Winter tyres, designed to handle the challenges of driving on snow-covered roads, come with a specialised softer tread compound with more natural rubber. These models feature deeper tread depth, more sipes and grooves and an aggressive tread pattern. Such features allow winter tyres to offer excellent traction, grip, stability and car handling efficiency on icy tracks.

All-season tyres

If you want to avoid the cost of seasonal tyre replacement each year, you can choose all-season models. These tyres come engineered with an intermediate rubber compound and tread depth. Please note that they are suitable for different weather conditions in moderate temperatures.

Note: Avoid installing any seasonal tyres with all-season tyres. When you are installing all-season tyres, ensure all four tyres are changed.

Performance tyres

Want to unlock the full potential of your sports car and enjoy a thrilling ride? Opt for high-quality performance tyres. The premium carcass material, lower aspect ratio, large tread blocks, and flange protectors help to offer exceptional control, stability and cornering precision even at high speeds.

Run-flat tyres

Tyre blowouts are unpredictable. Imagine being stuck on a cold winter night in the middle of nowhere. You can now avoid such inconvenient situations with run-flat tyres. How? These tyres are engineered to run at a specific speed up to a certain distance even after a puncture, thus allowing you to reach your destination safely.

Summer tyres

Summer models offer optimal car control, stability and grip on both dry and wet tracks. These are fuel efficient and aquaplaning-resistant.

That’s not all. You can also find top-grade 4x4 models.

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