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Churchill Tyres

Churchill tyres are growing in popularity across the UK as well as globally due to their innovative technology from around the world, advanced features, top quality – and of course, their excellent price.

If you are searching for Churchill tyres near me in and around Burton on Trent, look no further than Tyre King Autocentres Burton on Trent. We house an extensive stock of Churchill tyres to suit every driving requirement.

You can now buy Churchill car tyres Burton on Trent online from the comfort of your home. Please enter your car registration details or tyre index on our tyre finder tool to browse through all available options. You can then shortlist your favourite Churchill tyres and finalise your purchase as per your driving requirements. You can certainly also book a fitting appointment with your purchase.

Popular categories of Churchill tyres Burton on Trent


Summer Churchill tyres feature a specifically designed advanced tread pattern that facilitates improved resistance against hydroplaning risks. Further, a harder rubber compound and reduced rolling resistance improve tyre service life and improve fuel economy.


4x4 or SUV tyres come with a robust carcass and reinforced sidewalls for enhanced load-bearing ability on challenging terrains. They come in three variants – all-terrain (A/T), mud-terrain (M/T) and highway-terrain (H/T).


Ultra-high-performance as well as performance tyres are made with a premium softer rubber material that resists heat build-up to drastically minimise blowout and puncture risks. Moreover, they offer enhanced car control and steering precision even at high speeds.


Our run-flat tyres Burton on Trent are a top preference among car owners looking to ensure on-road stability and safety in the event of punctures or blowouts. Run-flat tyres can continue to offer unhindered on-road performance even after a puncture or blowout for nearly 50 miles at speeds up to 50mph, courtesy of the added rubber layers inside the tyre sidewall – preventing accelerated tyre pressure loss.

Best-selling Churchill tyre models

  • RCB008
  • GRB009
  • RCB007 XL
  • RCB007 Run-flat

Besides, we also house an extensive range of winter and all-season tyres Burton on Trent at our garage.

Therefore, delay no more and visit Tyre King Autocentres Burton on Trent at 1 Derby Road, Burton on Trent, DE14 1RU, UK during business hours to buy Churchill tyres Burton on Trent at market-best rates.

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